Nigerians were  in jubilant mood following a phone call by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s with Kano State Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje reports BBC Hausa.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, who’s been out of the country for more than a month, was reported to have spoken via telephone to the governor of the northern state of Kano.

BBC Hausa’s Yusuf Yakasai from the city says  that the phone call has brought about positive vibes around the city.

According to the BBC, the conversation between the president and Kano State Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje was played on speakerphone and placed next to the mic at the prayer meeting, so the audience could hear, wich was greeted with load cheer from the crowd and was subsequently played out on local radio stations in a bid to dispel rumours over the presidents death.

“Others had been saying that Mr Buhari, 74, was critically ill, or that he couldn’t speak, but this phone call showed that he is alive and is resting” the  reporter added.

Also Reports in Nigerian media has suggested that people at the prayer gathering burst into tears on hearing Mr Buhari’s voice, but BBC says this was not the case, and that they were praising God loudly and praying for Mr Buhari.

This was the first time, President Buhari voice has been heard in public, since he left for the UK more than a month ago, extending his stay for medical reasons, without a clear return date.

Nigeria’s Punch newspaper reports that some of those present burst into tears as so on as they heard the president’s voice.

However, there is no independent confirmation of the report.

Meanwhile, the presidency as assured Nigerians that he getting better.

Here in the conversation translated from Hausa courtesy BBC

Here’s how their conversation, which was put on speakerphone and played live to the audience at a prayer meeting in the northern city of Kano, went:

Kano Governor: How is your health, sir?

Pres Buhari: Glory be to God, I am feeling better.

Crowd: God is great! (in a louder voice)

Kano Governor: Sir, they could hear you answering the question.

Pres Buhari: Convey my gratitude to them.

Kano Governor: On Friday all the mosques in Kano will pray for you again.

Pres Buhari: All Praises are due to God. May God accept it.

Crowd: God is great! (in a louder voice)

Sahara reporters also posted the video, watch here